100% All Natural Handmade CBD Bath Products

Howdy from Dallas, TX!

Hi! We're Laura Beth & Iris, and we hand make 100% all natural CBD bath products in Dallas, TX.

We met and became friends through teaching yoga and became business partners when we realized that the CBD Oil Bath Bombs Laura Beth had discovered and started making were so incredibly awesome!

We gave some to our friends and family, and when they kept coming back for more, we decided that maybe these little balls of fizzy goodness might help people we haven't met yet too!

Thus, the birth of a business. A business that focuses on the things that are important to us, which we feel are important to you too.

Based upon a handshake (well more like a full body hug, love-fest) we decided that we will always:

  • Provide products with ONLY the best ingredients that are locally sourced when available even if they cost a little more
  • Use environmentally conscious packaging where applicable
  • Guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.  If you don't like our products, let us know and we will make it right for you
  • Hand make our products with love and attention so that each item you purchase has been inspected and is only of the highest quality

We also decided that we will never:

  • Use synthetic oils, chemical fragrances or preservatives.  Yes folks, no preservatives means our products have a shelf life.  We recommend you use any and all products within 6 months of purchase.  The products may be used after 6 months, but you may not receive all of the benefits of a fresh product
  • Utilize factory or machine production.  We measure and combine all ingredients by hand and we make our bath bombs with a manual press
  • Allow money and profits to drive decisions regarding the quality of our products. We are artisans and for us that means that maintaining a level of excellence in our products is more important than margins.  We are also yogis, so we believe in karma; you receive back what you put out into the world.  So we will never put out substandard items or misleading information

Want to read the full story?  Click here to check out our featured article in Voyage Dallas Magazine.

That's it in a nutshell!  Do you have questions?  Check out our FAQ or contact us.  We love hearing from our customers, and we are here to assist in any way we can.

Check out our Events Page to see where we will be doing yoga, chatting CBD, and having fun!

Namaste - Laura Beth & Iris

Yogis and CBD Oil Bath & Botanical Artisans at large

TOP: Laura Beth Lopez
Mommy, Yogini, Entrepreneur
BOTTOM: Iris Haftlang
Wife, Yogini, Entreprenuer

TOP: Laura Beth Lopez

Mommy, Yogini, Entrepreneur

BOTTOM: Iris Haftlang

Wife, Yogini, Entreprenuer